Dagger Browser

Dagger Browser is a progressive web app for easily navigating a project's Dagger graph. The graph data is populated from a Dagger SPI plugin, and the browser is built using CRA (create-react-app) with Typescript.

Trying a sample

Check out the demo site built from the open source Plaid app.

The plugin/sample directory contains a fork of a simple example from the Dagger repo.

You can run ./run.sh to generate the dagger components manifest for this example and display in the Dagger Browser.

Using Dagger Browser in your app

To build a Dagger Browser site for your project, you'll need to generate json files for your project's Dagger components.

To get started:

  1. Look up the latest version of the processor plugin in Maven Central:

  2. Add a dependency on com.snap.daggerbrowser:daggerbrowser-processor to any Gradle modules in your project that process Dagger components:

allprojects {
  repositories {
dependencies {
  kapt "com.snap.daggerbrowser:daggerbrowser-processor:LATEST_VERSION"
  1. Build your project. The plugin will generate json files for each Dagger component.

  2. Use scripts/mkmanifest.sh to aggregate the component json files into a ComponentsManifest.json.

  3. Open a Dagger Browser instance, and drag-and-drop your ComponentsManifest.json file to load it.

  4. Alternatively, build a Dagger Browser instance from source. Checkout out the dagger-browser project

$: git clone git@github.com:Snapchat/dagger-browser.git
  1. Build Dagger Browser using your generated json files:
cd dagger-browser
./run.sh ../my_project/